Internet Marketing Saga after 32 weeks

SEOIt’s been a while since my last post since I was kind very busy with my full time job and didn’t have time to invest in my Internet Marketing Saga. So now, here is a quick status about my Internet Marketing efforts for some of my sites:

[mt_icon type="star-2" size="1em" color=""]     My Coldplay site is now on position 9.6 on the SERP (reference GWT) and is list on Page 1 by Google on position 10 while searching the main keyword on google.com.

[mt_icon type="star-2" size="1em" color=""]     Pilates site is now 5.6 on the SERP (reference GWT) and is list on Page 1 & Position 1 (Yess, position ONE or Position UNO) on google.fr .

My sites went through the famous (or infamous depending where you stand) panda updates from Google. To be honest, I did not lost any SERPs because of it. Although, I got many back links which disappeared from GWT but still have many more in the Majestic SEO analysis. Internet Marketing is not exact science.

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Internet Marketing efforts for the last 28 weeks

None! Nada! Keine Acktion!

I did not do run any Internet Marketing Campaigns from September to March with my sites. The only thing I did was adding some quality content to them. No offsite SEO nor SEM campaigns.

Internet Marketing Earnings for the last 32 weeks

None! Nada! Keine Acktion! Just kidding … I tried to see if you were a persistent reader. ;p

I made pretty good money taking into consideration that I did not spend any time for the last 28 weeks on my Internet Marketing campaigns. I made some money with my iTunes affiliate account for my Coldplay site, and I did pretty well with Clickbank affiliate account, with over 50 sales. This had convinced me to invest for some more good quality content for my sites.

Some rule of thumb for Internet Marketing

One thing that became obvious is that Big G loves updated new unique quality content. When I added my new content to my site, my unique visits increased instantly.

With good quality and unique content, I was able to pass through the many panda updates without having my SERPs decreased.

Some tools to create back links are way too easy. I’ve found many links disappeared from GWT. For example, I went from a bit over 5k links in October to around a thousand links as per today. I’m talking about first tier links. The hard work pays off!

I was skeptical regarding some Bring the Fresh recommendations, and I did try them because those folks are 100% & full time committed to Internet Marketing but I ended one subscription back in September with one tool because it was pricy. In fact, it was the most effective tool and I did use it only from early August to Early September. I was too enthusiast with those easy tools which creates hundreds of back links per hour. Lesson learned!

So what’s next?

I have two sites which are well rank but as you may now, good ranking does not guarantee a lot of traffic. My goal for the next few weeks, will be to increase SERPs on some long tail keywords related to my topics in order to broaden the reach of my sites and therefore, increase traffic. Internet Marketing to his best!

For the Coldplay site, I have many big sites in position 1 to 9 including itunes, Amazon, Coldplay.com and Wikipedia.

I will try hard to see what can be done here. Hopefully, I’m having fun doing it and I have a couple more tricks in my bag which I did not try yet. I’ll keep updated soon on my Internet Marketing efforts.

For those wondering why I have “Internet Marketing” so often in my blog post, I let you try figure it out!

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